Tuesday, March 15, 2011

~ Script ~

A Winning Nasi Kerabu
Part One
A winning of nasi kerabu is a  story about two women and one boy. This story also show how difficult to decide about passion and desperation  love, It happen with Izwan, Nik Kalsum and Mimi Asmidar.
Nik kalsum was expert in making nasi kerabu. She learnt from her late mother.
Mother : Nik you must know how to make this ( nasi kerabu )
Nik Kalsum : Ermmm.... ( smile ) thanks mum..
Well Nik Kalsum’s nasi kerabu was the best in all of Shah Alam. Nobody could challenge her mouth – watering nasi kerabu. Many customer buy packets of her nasi kerabu because there were so delicious  so one never enough. She was also friendly with her all customers. She was not beautiful, she was too ugly even to be nasi kerabu seller. She was fat with lots pimples on her face, her nose was humongous and she had crooked teeth. Next her stall there was another kelantanese   girl who also sold nasi kerabu. She was gorgeous. Unfortunately hers wasn’t great as Nik Kalsum nasi kerabu.  This is the story of passion, love and desperation
Nik Kalsum & Mimi : Nasi kerabu!! Nasi kerabu!! ( shouted)
Nik Kalsum : How are you today?
Customer : Good morning nik, fine thank you, give me two packets of nasi kerabu please
Nik Kalsum : Alright, I’ll do it. Wait for minute.
And this is Izwan. He looks like a bollywood actor. He is handsome boy and has a sweet face. He cross in front their stall.
Mimi : Wow!! Abe come to try my nasi kerabu!! Free of charge for you.
Izwan: er..er.. Alright.
Mimi : Come...come abe handsome, comes to my stall now. Hahaha I  like.
Izwan : ( smiling ) thanks for the free nasi kerabu
Izwan also smiled to Nik Kalsum while he was walking to go to his office

Part Two
Mimi was tired to call Izwan to come to her stall. She wanted to give something to Izwan.
Mimi : Abe...abe ...
Izwan : What is this
Mimi : Take it first. I want you to read this letter when you arrived at home.
Izwan : Alright, I will read later, okay.
When Izwan come back home, he sat on the chair and opened his tie. He read carefully the letter which is Mimi give it to him last morning.  Izwan read and try to understand what Mimi tried to tell him.
Izwan : Bismillah...
Dear Abe Izwan,
Darling, I want to tell the truth about my feeling towards you. Honestly I really want to be friend with you. I feel like this world is created for both of us. Dear, now I’m very happy and I ‘am in love with you. I feel sad if I can’t see you. I thought my world is dark without you baby. It’s like one day likes thousand days...

Part Three
Today Izwan wanted to buy nasi kerabu Nik Kalsum stall. Because many his friend said Nik Kalsum’s nasi kerabu is delicious, when he went to Nik Kalsum’s stall there many customers come to buy nasi kerabu at her stall
Izwan  : Wow.. You have so many customer you have today?
Nik kalsum : haha.. you know what? I always treat my customer like my friend. It’s so profitable, thank you God... Alhamdulillah
Izwan : how much for one packet of nasi kerabu? Can’t you give me one packet?
Nik kalsum : For sure..one packet is RM 3.00. But today I give you for free.
While preparing nasi kerabu for Izwan, Izwan smiled to Nik Kalsum
Nik  kalsum : actually I want to be your friend with you. Do you care about that?
Izwan :  Be my friend.... yes of course, why not?
Nik Kalsum : Oh thank you.. Oppss sorry I forgot to ask your name.
Izwan : my name is Izwan. Call me wan, thanks for nasi kerabu.
Suddenly Mimi came to Nik Kalsum Stall and yell to her..
Mimi : Why did you disturb my abe
Nik Kalsum : hah?? Who??
Mimi : Just now the man who come to your stall
Nik Kalsum : You meant Izwan? I don’t disturb him. I just want to be friend. In fact, he’s okay with that. He said anyone can be his friend.
Mimi : Hey Nik don’t pretend anymous, I know you want to seize Izwan from me. With your looks, don’t ever dream to get the man I love..

Part Four
Izzati : Why bro!!
Izwan: I have some problem in relationship.
Izzati : waaa... my brother fall in love
Izwan: I’m not sure, perhaps you are right
Izzati : Ok let me listen your problem..
Izwan : I don’t know whom should I choose to be my girlfriend an at the same time I don’t want to disappoint either one of them.
Izzati : Well Izwan you need to know that for yourself. Never mind I have a plan.
Izwan : How?
Izzati : I will ask my friend to be our bait.
Izwan: Are you sure it will work and I will find my true love..
Izzati : Let’s at least give it a try.
Izwan:  Alright, I agree..
Izzati : Its up your future is yours. I’m not match maker.
Izwan: Okay then I agrees. Should I pay your friend to become our bait
Izzati : I don’t think so.
Izzati call Riz but Riz.....
Izzati : You must Help me on this case bro. My brother Izwan can’t chose another girl for his     future. He so in dilemma.
Riz : No!! No!! No!! I cannot do this.
Izzati : Hah!! Please...
Riz : No way
Izzati : Please..
Riz : No!!!
Izzati : Please only this time. I will pay you.
Riz : Okay this is the first and the last I’ll do it.
Izwan : Owh, my god please help me in this situation
Riz : Please relax bro.. I can help you as I can.
Izwan : Alright, then make sure only all of us know about this.
Izzati & Riz : Okay bos…
Izwan smiled toward Riz. He also hope their planning will be succeed. Riz went to Nik Kalsum stall to start his act, Izwan and his sister just watch behind the tree.
Riz : Hye..hye sweetie, you are so pretty today and I like it so much.
Nik Kalsum : First of all you should greet me with assalamualaikum and secondly I know how do I look . Please stop lying to me.
Riz : No.. I tell you the truth you look so attractive.
Nik Kalsum : I’m sorry sir, if you want to buy nasi kerabu you’re welcome to do so. However if you don’t want to buy please do not disturb me. I have many customers right now.
Riz : Come on okay. How about dinner tonight honey?
Nik Kalsum : Sorry I don’t know who are you, where do you come from. Can leave me or I might scream for help.
Riz : Okay.. Okay I leave you now. One more thing girl, you are right about you look... Hahaha... I never meet and ugly girl like you.
Riz had moved to Mimi stall
Mimi : Abe macho!! Hi do you want to try my nasi kerabu.
Riz : Yes, sure.
Mimi : I like it.
Riz : Well sweet girl I have an extra ticket to watch movie, would you like to join me please...
Mimi : haha... why not abe macho, you are so nice n romantic.
Riz : Well, everyone told me exactly the same.
Mimi : Abe, you did not tell me when we’ll going to watch the movie.
Riz : Owh I forget about it. Can you give me your number?  I’ll inform you later okay?
Mimi : Cannot, eh.. eh.. sure this is my business card
Riz : ha.. It is weird. Hahaha....
Mimi : Why??
Riz : Nothing, I call you later. Please wait for my call..
Mimi : Yes abe, can’t wait for your call.
Riz reported everything that had occurred to both of us. It was I had already expected based on personal observation. Izwan was quiet the whole day and looked to be in deep thought. Nik is better woman compared to Mimi. Mimi is definitely a threat as she is such as flirtatious girl. Plus nik seem to be loyal and virtuous. She would become a wonderful wife (Riz, Izwan and Izzati )

Part Five
After two month, Nik kalsum got an accident when she starts close with Izwan. She has done an operation on her face and she becomes a beautiful woman, and Izwan invited to go dinner at the beautiful beach in Morib.
Izwan :  Dear, you are so beautiful right now.
Nik Kalsum :  Really!! Thank you..
Izwan : ( knock a head and smiling to Nik Kalsum)
Nik Kalsum : Thank you Abe Izwan
Izwan : Dear I like you, I miss you and I love you so much.. Will you married me?
Nik Kalsum : Yes, I will married you..
Now Mimi is still selling nasi kerabu at her stall in Shah Alam, she still waiting and hoping for another handsome guy to approach her.
-The End-


  1. I think the story line works smoothly but some grammatical errors need to be improved as well as style of language...make sure you meet me with the script after the holiday..see you

  2. it's not necessarily Izwan have to marry Nik Kalsum...happy ending is so cliche for some people...Sometimes, by not making a happy ending will make your story more interesting...