Friday, January 28, 2011

~ Animal Farm ~

Who Is  The Owner Of Manor Farm 
~ Mr Jones ~

List Down Three Character Traits Of Major As A Leader

~ An aged prize Middle White Boar ~

~ He draws up the principles of the revolution ~

~ A firm and responsible ~

~ List Down Three Rules Of Animal Farm ~

~ Animal Cannot Drink Alcohol ~

~ Animal cannot Kill each other ~

~ All animals are equal ~

Who Is The Leader After Major And How Is Different With Major

~ Snow Ball ~

Snowball genuinely works for the good of the farm and the animals and devises plans to help the animals achieve their vision ~

~ Napoleon ~

~ Napoleon make the rules and break the rules ~

~ Accepting bribes from people ~

~ Who Does Boxer Symbolize In the Real World ~ 

~ Friendship are important ~

~ Helping each other ~

~ What Are The Message You Can Get From Animal 
Farm ~

~ Does not commit the murders and poaching of animals ~

~ Do not ever trust the person ~

~ Loving each other ~

Friday, January 21, 2011

" Information "

Hello I want to post a new topic.... Its about Informotion.... Information That I choose is about Justin Drew Bieber or Justin Bieber...

Justin Drew Bieber or Justin Bieber

Born March 1, a Canadian Pop and RnB  singer....First songs is One Time in album My World....

What Do You Choose That Information
I choose That Information because I really like about Justin Bieber... Her voice very nice and her songs very    give a message..Also can make people proud of her.. 

 What Medium That You Choose To Find That Information
 I found this information in internet example I found at Facebook, Twitter and Justin Bieber Page...



Is The Information Interesting Enough To You?

Yes..because I can learn How Justin Bieber make money and present the song in many people and try to learn expose infornt of many people in youtube....


Friday, January 14, 2011

" Things That My Friend Need To Know About Me "

~ Its Me ~

~ My Late Grand Father and Mother ~

 ~ My Family ~

Hallo Friends.....How are you guys.. You all can call me Elly,  I am 21st years old.. this how you want to know me better... I am a veer cool person and can make a joke with friends and family, but I also a very sensitive person and I very hardworking people when some one gift me a job.. I also like to watch Harry Potter, Kung fu Panda, Toy Story, and all the rest movie.. When I free I love to listen the songs like English song example like Justin bieber, M2M, S club7, hindi songs, malay songs like Siti Nurhaliza, Misha Omar, Alif Aziz and all the rest, and I also love reading book anything book I read, and I got my new hobby like to go Wall Climbing with family and friends..  I love my family and freinds verry much and I cannot see my family and friends sad cause I also touch when look my lovely family and friends like that..
                                  Thats all about me and you all need to know... Salam :)