Friday, January 21, 2011

" Information "

Hello I want to post a new topic.... Its about Informotion.... Information That I choose is about Justin Drew Bieber or Justin Bieber...

Justin Drew Bieber or Justin Bieber

Born March 1, a Canadian Pop and RnB  singer....First songs is One Time in album My World....

What Do You Choose That Information
I choose That Information because I really like about Justin Bieber... Her voice very nice and her songs very    give a message..Also can make people proud of her.. 

 What Medium That You Choose To Find That Information
 I found this information in internet example I found at Facebook, Twitter and Justin Bieber Page...



Is The Information Interesting Enough To You?

Yes..because I can learn How Justin Bieber make money and present the song in many people and try to learn expose infornt of many people in youtube....


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