Friday, March 25, 2011

# My Dream Spouse #

       He must have a good physical appearance. Her face must have English look likes David Archuleta, and handsome boy. Although her eyes and hair that I want is brown eyes and curly hair. I want my dream spouse have a fair skin and I want a Pan Asia boy and of course he is Muslim boy. Beside that he also not too tall and not too short just medium size. Her nose that I want is sharp nose, her skin just like fair skin. My dream spouse must a clever boy or smart boy. Her body not too fat or not to thin, my dream spouse should have a good appearance that I want.

   He should have hobbies and ability that I like example like to go adventurous such as climbing, hiking, and other than that and I also like the boy who likes to go travel and go shopping. He must able to speak two languages. Beside that I want my dream spouse can play any instrument so that he can sing and play the instrument for me. I love when my dream spouse have a hobbies an d ability that I like it.  

  My dream spouse should have a great attitude must have like loving and caring with me and my family. That boy must honest with me and I like the responsible boy. I want a rich boy can give me anything and but not stingy with me and family. My dream spouse my respect my family and me and one more thing I dont like my dream spouse smoking.. I hope one day I want my dream spouse should have a great attitude .  

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