Thursday, April 21, 2011


    I feel so uncomfortable practice drama because the hall is to hot an d the air condition is not good, in the same time I don't like to practice drama in hall because there are many people always disturb us went we want to do practice over there.

 I feel very upset if no one listened to me and at that time practiced with the play. I want to play my best at that time. At the same time is when I tell them to come to practice their love dramathat is the time delay.I have some people in my group. Posted acted as if it is only reasonable for them .. There is fever and abdominal pain. I especially do not like the behavior in such a way.

   On the eve of my drama,my friend and I worked tirelessly to complete the work finding songs and making a video to my group.on the night my drama  I felt very sad because sound system in my group does not work at all. I felt very angry, and there is one part in drama that I have not so acted because no one can help us to put our music. I felt very disappointed at all. that night there is a small fights  between one in our group and then they blame me for the music we do not work.

   Finally I am very happy all completed successfully. Small clashes have also been completed.



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