Saturday, February 5, 2011

# Mind Your Language #

Who is Mr, Brown

...An English Teacher...

What is the topic taught by Mr, Brown

...Be - Verb...

List down at least 2 favorite characters in the sitcom "Mind Your Language" why do you like them?

Ali Nadeem

~ Because Ali is typical catchphrases and able to do work together without complain ~  

Mr, Brown

patience to teach all students

What do you think the main problem faced by Mr,Brown in the class room?

...Have to teach each student to speak in English...

...Have to Face with Many kind of people in the class...

State one character that you dislike in the sitcom. Give your reason for your answer


How can Mr, Brown help his students to improve their English? Suggest two ways..

makes a speaking lesson in the class 

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  1. I also love MYL. All characters are marvelous in their respective roles. When I think of Mr Brown's fate, I feel depressed and I immediately go and watch one episode of MYL.